Our History
Crestwood began in Salina, Kansas in 1969. We started out as a small cabinet shop serving the local and regional market. Today the company is a fully integrated manufacturer serving a nationwide dealer network. Our mission has always been to build a high-quality cabinet at a competitive price.

Our Facility
The production facility has steadily increased in size as the company has grown. Eight expansions to the original building occurred until a new 166,000 square foot plant was built in 1997. The new plant was expanded in 2005 and is now 300,000 square feet.

Our Product
Crestwood products are produced in one of the country's most modern woodworking plants with state-of-the-art technology. We offer cabinetry in the traditional face frame design with doors that overlay or inset into the frame. We also produce cabinetry in European frameless design, and now we have entered in the the closet organizer systems. See all of our product lines to explore the limitless possibilities of Crestwood Products.

Our Mission Statement
Crestwood, Inc. is a manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry and related wood products. We are a family of dedicated associates in partnership with kitchen and bath professionals whose common purpose is to exceed customer expectations in service, quality, and value.

In the Past, Present, and Future
In the beginning, Crestwood was created and ran by two people to fill a void in the Salina, Kansas area for exceptionally crafted cabinetry. In the first few years Crestwood beautified homes within a hundred mile radius of Salina. But the Crestwood name could not be a community-kept secret for long. Our reputation has grown tremendously over the past thirty-five years.

Crestwood’s growing facility currently consists of a 300,000 square foot state of the art production facility, which accommodates almost 200 skilled associates, creating one of the country’s most modern woodworking facilities. Crestwood continues to grow, not only in size and production, but with new products to improve our services to you.

Crestwood is a young, energetic company with a solid foundation. We have created an impression in all of the homes and businesses that have chosen our high quality cabinetry and excellent service. We work hard to maintain that reputation and are dedicated to cultivating a more national audience. Crestwood is a well organized company with integrity grown from the past and vision for the future. We are loyal to our product and take pride in manufacturing quality cabinets. Crestwood is constantly refining and innovating our custom cabinet lines without losing sight of our philosophy of providing excellent service, quality, and value.

In the Market
The market largely dictates most of the materials used in cabinet construction. The result is very little difference existing from company to company. Crestwood has set itself apart with innovative plywood improvements to rise above market expectations. We have plank match veneers - instead of book match - to create the illusion of solid wood as found in our cabinet faces. Crestwood has also changed to JayCore plywood panels. JayCore meets ANSI requirements for J-grade designation - the highest industry grade designation for inner-ply veneer. The core is pre-sanded and calibrated for thickness prior to applying the wood veneers. This allows finished panel to be sanded smooth, eliminating core telegraphing,enhancing the beauty of the veneer, and improving finishing results.

As one of our suppliers says, “No one implements Green like Crestwood”. Crestwood meets formaldehyde emission limits of 0.02 ppm or less in box construction and meets or exceeds performance requirement of KCMA and ASTM in finish products. Crestwood’s energy efficiency includes responsible disposal of waste wood products. All wood waste is recycled by burning in a combustor to heat the production area in winter or for agricultural use when not needed for heat. Crestwood’s efficiency also includes the optimal use of raw materials thru computerization for the least waste. Crestwood has even built a distiller in-house to clean acetone so it can be reused. This is a completely sealed system so the acetone is never exposed to the atmosphere. It goes with out saying, but we’ll say it anyway, Crestwood only purchases from responsible suppliers who manage their forests. Crestwood also recycles paper, cardboard, steel, and even aluminum cans!

“We are a family of dedicated associates in partnership with kitchen and bath professionals whose common purpose is to exceed customer expectations in service, quality, and value.”

“A collection of color and wood combinations, as well as assorted door styles and cabinet offerings, facilitates a nearly endless choice of traditional and contemporary designs.”

“Customizing each set of cabinets in an individual style is easy with Crestwood’s infinite choice of accessories, modifications, colors, stains and glazes.”