At Crestwood, Inc., we believe in providing a well-rounded benefits package.  We believe employees and their families are the essential part in balancing health and well-being as part of the daily schedule.  The benefits package is consumer driven and has consumer choices in selection of a benefit package.

Below is a brief description of the benefits available to regular full-time and part-time employees of Crestwood, Inc.  Employees are eligible for benefits after sixty (60) calendar days of regular full-time or three-quarter time employment that work at least 30 hours per week on a regular basis. 

After completion of the sixty (60) calendar days of employment, the employee is eligible for the following paid holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

At the beginning of the month following completion of the sixty (60) calendar days of employment, the employee is eligible for the following benefits:

Health and Dental Insurance – Available to regular full-time employees completing their 60-Day Evaluation Period.   Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc. is the current Health & Dental Insurance provider. The current employee cost is $58.00 (Single) and $232.00 (Family) per biweekly pay period.  The employee has the option to have the premium deducted on a pre-tax basis, which provides savings on tax withholding and social security deductions.  A Health Savings Account (HSA) Program has been established for employees that insure with Crestwood, Inc.  Up to $55.00 per month is matched to each employee’s HSA per month! (The premiums and H.S.A. match became effective March 1, 2011)

Life Insurance – Crestwood, Inc. pays for a life insurance policy in the amount of $10,000 for all regular full-time employees.  Also included in the policy is an additional $10,000 accidental death policy and dismemberment insurance. Additional voluntary life premiums may be chosen by the employee for themselves and immediate family members.

Cancer 150 Insurance Plan:  Crestwood offers a volunteer Cancer Insurance program through Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc.  This program allows the employee coverage of insurance benefits in the event of out-patient or in-patient cancer treatments.  The program pays $50.00 per day for out-patient services and $150.00 per day towards in-patient services. This benefit is to help defer expenses incurred from out-patient and in-patient treatment schedules.

Short-Term Disability Insurance:  Crestwood offers a volunteer Short-Term Disability Insurance program through The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.   This program is based on age and selected weekly benefit amount by the employee.  The program pays out benefits for up to thirteen (13) weeks of disability for the first day of an injury or the eighth day of an illness.  The employee can choose up to 60% of weekly wages, based on a forty-hour work week. 

Vacation/Shut Down – Crestwood shuts down production for one week in December to coincide with the Christmas holiday.  Production employees will utilize accrued paid-time off (PTO) at this time. Employees will also have available accrued PTO to utilize as they choose. Accrual of PTO begins the day that an employee begins employment with Crestwood, Inc. Designated office and maintenance employees will work during shutdown periods and schedule their vacation/PTO at other times. Regular full-time employees that have completed ten years of service with the company will become eligible for five additional days of vacation with pay; those employees completing twenty years will become eligible for ten additional days of vacation.

PTO may be utilized after completion of the sixty-day training period.

401(k) Plan – Crestwood offers a 401(k) Plan. Eligibility for this plan begins at the completion of six consecutive months of service with Crestwood, Inc. Participation in the plan begins  on the next semi-annual entry date of January 1 or July 1.  Crestwood matches a portion of 401(k) contributions made by employees:  $0.30 on the dollar up to the first five percent.

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This information sheet is given to job applicants as an outline of the current benefit package.  It is not intended to be an offer of employment or a contract of employment in any form or manner.