Crestwood has demonstrated community involvement and leadership through service and charitable organizations. Each year Crestwood commits a portion of the annual budget to further the service of established charitable organizations in the communities represented by our employees to honor our employees in their communities. In the past year Crestwood has been a Major Corporate Sponsor with fundraising events for:
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake
  • St. Francis Charity Golf Tournament
  • Salina Charities League Golf Tournament
  • Salina Rescue Mission’s Mulligan Stew Golf Tournament
  • Boy Scouts of America Golf Tournament
Crestwood believes in giving to a diverse mixture of charitable organizations so that many children and adults can be served.  Every year in the month of May, Project Salina is a big part of daily operations at Crestwood.  Our employees are enthusiastic in collecting food items to benefit local charities through Project Salina.  Ashby House, Salina Rescue Mission, Emergency Aid/Food Bank, and the Salvation Army have all benefited from this wonderful annual event.

Being a company that truly cares about the basic needs of children, we have contributed on an annual basis to organizations such as Child Abuse Prevention Services, Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas, St. Francis Academy, Ashby House and the Emergency Aid/Food Bank. 

Our contributions have also enhanced children’s lives through: Summer Reading Programs at area public libraries, 4-H Clubs, the Girl Scouts of America, the Boy Scouts, Saline County Sheriff’s Department D.A.R.E. and Summer programs, Isis Shriner’s Circus, Salina Journal News for Kids Program, Sacred Heart High School, Marine Corps Toy Box Program, PTO/PTA Fundraising Events and Safe  After Prom Events.

Being a manufacturer of beautiful cabinetry and fabricator of countertops, we have felt honored to help with various projects in connection with Habitat for Humanity and Sacred Heart High School.

Over the years there have been so many areas of life that we have been honored to touch through our charitable gifts and donations.  However, the gifts have always been returned in a greater volume by the thanks you’s, the smiles and knowing we have helped in the communities we serve. 

Crestwood Charitable Contribution Information
Big Brothers Big Sisters