PureBond Fabricator Network

Crestwood is proud to be a member of the PureBond® Fabricator Network. The PureBond® Fabricator Network is a partnership of Columbia Forest Products, Inc. with cabinet and furniture fabricators who share the ability to build quality cabinetry, furniture and fixtures from sustainable wood products made using PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology.

The network is made up of leading fabricators of across the United States and Canada. It serves as a resource for homeowners, builders, remodelers, kitchen dealers, architectural specifiers and commercial project owners who are committed to good indoor air quality, and looking to avoid toxins and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Columbia’s PureBond® technology uses no added formaldehyde to assemble their hardwood plywood, providing many benefits to homeowners and others. Good indoor air quality benefits everyone, especially infants and young children, the elderly, and people suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions. With 85% of Americans’ lives being spent indoors, clearly it’s the “healthy choice” when building or remodeling a home, or buying products such as cabinets and furniture.

Urea formaldehyde (UF), which has been widely used in the manufacture of hardwood plywood and composite panels, has been classified by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer as carcinogenic to humans.  UF is commonly found in pressed wood products.

PureBond® technology represents a major breakthrough in formaldehyde-free building products. Developed by Columbia Forest Products in concert with scientific experts at Oregon State University’s College of Forestry, the first PureBond® hardwood plywood panels were shipped in 2005. As of mid-2010, more than 40 million panels had been manufactured for use in making cabinets, furniture and fixtures, at prices that keep breathing easily.

Columbia received the EPA’s Green Presidential Chemistry Award for their PureBond® technology; and was recently named a “Sustainable Standard-Setter” by the Rainforest Alliance.