Energy Efficiency

LIGHTING. Crestwood has recently converted its HID fixtures with T5 flourescent lights which are more energy efficient. These are expected to pay for themselves in efficiency in two years.

ELECTRICITY. Crestwood has signed an Interruptible Service Rider (ISR) with Weststar Energy. An ISR is an agreement to reduce our usage to an agreed upon level anytime Weststar cannot generate enough electricity to meet base load capacity needs. Thus helping to eliminate the need for an additional coal plant and reduce air emissions.

HYBRID VEHICLES. Hybrid cars in our fleet have reduced gas consumption and tailpipe emissions from vehicles used by our sales staff. Crestwood has committed to purchase only hybrid vehicles for its fleet.

DIESEL TECHNOLOGY. Crestwood has implemented strategies to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Crestwood also reduces freight costs through efficiency, local purchasing, and back-hauling of materials whenever possible